DHHS Outing:  A Week-Day Trip Through the Bradshaw Mountains

Usually, the Historical Society schedules our outings for Saturday’s.   But, if you are interested in trip during the week, avoiding the tourists and perhaps taking a bit more challenging route, e-mail  TheDesertRat@mac.com  and we’ll get you on our alternate outing list.

Planning a trip through the Northern Portion of the Bradshaw Mts, similar to our Saturday outing planned for 22nd June.  But this trip would require a 4-Wheel Drive High-Clearance vehicle with good off-road tires.   In addition to a stop at Palace Station, a planned stop at a nearby Cemetery and passing the former town of Goodwin, this trip will have an extra stop at the Poland Train Tunnel. No date is set for this outing yet, depends on the amount of interest.   Anyone interested in Arizona’s fascinating history are welcome to attend.   E-Mail:  TheDesertRat@mac.com  for more information and if you are interested in this outing.